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    The "Lost Soul" T shirt is an Aaron Lee Perry design, and I print it with his permission.  This shirt embodies all things addiction. For anyone that has ever given their heart to something that was killing them, you know the "Lost Soul" feeling all too well. I wear this shirt proudly as an example of how far I've come and as a reminder that I don't have to live like that anymore (and because look at it! that is a badass graphic for sure!)  You'll notice some stray marks in this print.  This image is from a linoleum print.  Those marks are the strokes of the knife used to cut away at the material. Click his name to see more of the work by Aaron Lee Perry 

    These shirts are Grey short sleeved T shirts and can be purchased in either a ladie's or men's crew neck style.

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    A bit about Mr. Lee:

    ...Aaron Lee Perry is a renegade lover of low and high art.  He is a privately trained, college dropout and largely self taught artist, designer, print maker, ink slinger and more.

    With influences from Sailor Jerry to Mark Rothko to Jack Kirby to Die Brücke and an extreme interest in pomade tins, old photographs and tattoos, his art is a bit of alchemy of experience and life. 

    A recovering opiate addict/alcoholic (XA)  (sober IVXIIMMXV), he works with various organizations to help others still struggling with the disease and those still out on the streets.

    His art has been shown and featured nationally and is owned in private collections internationally.  

    Him and his son currently reside in the woods somewhere south of Louisville, KY.