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    Would you like to give someone "hope"? Offer a chip and a good deed? It's completely free! Make a huge splash and then track where and how far the ripples go? See pictures and stories and share yours. See the direct impact a simple gesture can make and be part of something that makes a difference, one act of "Hope" at a time. Contact us to get a FREE chip. Just include your email and an address to ship it to and we'll send it off. (One chip per address please, and only while supplies last). Remember that this is a viral thing.  Visit our Hope Dealer's page to see more of what it's about.  We will then post the pictures and stories that you send to us on our social media pages on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook in addition to other types of media. Then you hand the chip off to someone else and they'll do the same thing. We love it when our friends post to their pages and tag us as well.  Don't forget to follow us if you don't already :) Your story could help countless others.  Be sure to read the Terms.