Plus P Productions proudly features…

The words and images of

Dominic Chianese Jr. 

Father. Artist. Native New Yorker. Addict in recovery.
Grateful to be free, Clean since September 24th 2007.


break the surface

up for air
search the horizon
no one there
drift for an age
calm water
storm rage
float lone soul
lost at sea
stuck in a bottle
long to be free
is it the message that's lost? ...or is it just me?


when I ask for help
and you say yes
I often find I need it less
when I insist to go alone
my struggles persist
and I am on my own


heard in corners
in rooms downstairs
told by the bold
both worries and cares
torrid tales of fear paved miles
lifting veils with a tear and smiles...
carry hope to those still sick
tear down walls thicker than brick...
not by the pious
not pastor nor preachers
but the ones with the pain
the greatest of teachers.



ring around the growers
poppy field of posers
masses to ashes
we fall downtown...