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  Here’s how this Hope Dealer thing works.

     You must be 18 years of age or older to submit to and participate in the Hope Dealer Project.  If you're under 18, we first want to congratulate you on the path you've chosen! We seek to protect the anonymity of all who are involved, but we must first consider your age as well. Share your story and a picture. I haven't gotten many videos, so I suggest doing that if you can! I think we can relate more intimately to a video than a picture.  It may have a greater impact. Share a piece of art or a song. Who gave you the chip? What does hope mean to you? What part of your life has been touched by it. Who helped you when you needed it the most and how? It doesn’t need to be long and drawn out. It can be simple and to the point, or write a book, it’s up to you. 

     This is a viral thing. Pass the chip on to someone else. Someone who could use some hope, for any reason at all. If you want to keep the hope you’ve been given, you’ve got to give it away! Maybe take the opportunity to be of service and make that part of the story. Maybe they just need someone to listen. Perhaps this someone has a great story of their own. It’s your choice - - Encourage the next person to participate, the site address is on the chip.

     Email your story and pics to with your chip # in the subject line. People are posting the pictures and stories to our social media pages like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (which we love! and you can link to them on the site) Please tag us, like us and follow us! 

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     I’ll send you an update each time your numbered chip surfaces somewhere around the globe. That's the payback for giving other people Hope. It’s like tracing the ripples that a single drop of water makes when it lands in a lake. (your drop). Hopefully the chips travel great distances and tell some awesome stories of what it’s like to live on the Plus Side! You can track your chip as well as look at all of the other stories on the site. I am posting the stories and pictures on, on our social media pages, and in other locations. Take that into consideration. We'll only share what you share, your privacy matters. See our terms on the website for more info.  If you’re inclined to help, we are funding the project with T-shirt and sticker sales, there are links to those items below.

The Unalome

     The image below is a Unalome (courtesy of our friend at Katharine Dreier Art).  A Unalome is a drawing that represents your path in life. The path has many twists and turns and no two paths are the same, but ultimately every path leads somewhere. Our paths terminate at "Hope". These chips are on a journey much like ours. The many paths represent all of the people taking part in this "Hope Deal". By passing along the chips and sharing the Hope, we can make the path we are on that much nicer for ourselves and for the people we come across. We are leaving things just a bit better each step of the way.  
     We would be honored to have everyone who shares this ride with us to wear this symbol. It represents the crossroads where all of our lives met. We are all here together for this brief moment and for just a time, we shared the same path, the path of this Unalome. You can get a Unalome shirt in the "Hope" section of the site. The shirt sales help to support the cost of the "Hope Dealer" project since it doesn't cost anything to have a chip mailed to you.
If you don't buy a shirt, we simply encourage you to get this tattooed somewhere prominent on your body :) (If you choose to do this, we definitely want a picture! we love tattoos)
     My life is better for the experiences of each and every one of you who took part and I thank you for playing along.
I hope you enjoy browsing the lives of all who passed through here and I look forward to hearing your stories and then following where your Hope travels next. Thanks for playing along, now didn't that make you feel good?

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So, this happened…The chip landed on the stove and got melted! It got passed along anyway! Now that's the spirit!

     mytruthstartshere@plus_p_productionsSo I finally found my HOPE chip. I couldn't find it after I did the kids camp last week. Turns out that smell when boiling my water for my hot tea was the chip. I guess it had fallen out of my purse and into the burner. Sometimes I wonder about myself lol. Anyways it's being passed along in the mail today to someone in my home state of #Oklahoma that could use some #hope I'm #hoping it doesn't end up in another stove. Maybe that's just my luck though 😜

     I’m so grateful to be passing along this chip. It has been a pleasure interacting with you on social media. I love the online recovery community. Everyday I see people I’ve never met living happily in recovery. When I start feeling down and sad, I remind myself that I have friends in all areas of the world that I can reach out to at any moment of the day and be given some words of wisdom. That right there is what gives me HOPE!! Today I have 286 days sober. I’ve had so many ups and downs throughout these past 286 days but I refuse to give up, I’ve found a way of recovery that works for me and I’ve never been happier. One day at a time things are slowly getting better. I am grateful to say that I am sober and I have HOPE that the future holds great things in store for me and my children.

73069 - 

Thanks a ton for sharing.  I've said it before, you're an inspiration.  Now let's spin the wheel and see where it goes next!


     margniyecakIf someone would have told me a year ago how different my life would be today, I wouldn't have believed them. My life was the furthest thing from normal. I was doing so many drugs I don't even know how I was still functioning. I fucked over everyone I came into contact with over just so I could get my fix. I didn't care who you were and I didn't care about the consequences. It was constant chaos trying to keep up with all of the lies and schemes I had going. Now- I have a legitimate job. I've made new friends without thinking about what they can do or me or what I can get out of them. I spend time with my family without watching my phone or the clock to rush out when someone calls. I have realized that I can actually have fun being sober. I have had a few relapses since first getting clean last May but it was worth trying again and not giving up.
     Today I am 5 months clean from all drugs and alcohol and I have never felt better or more proud of myself. I can truly say that I am grateful for my new life and every single day I have spent clean. 
‪#‎hopedealer‬ #116 #26041



Catford, London

     My story where do I start
   The 1st time I picked up a drink it changed the way I felt and I loved it. Looking back my drinking was never normal I drank to blackout every time I thought it was normal. I thought everyone was like me. I now know I was the one who was different. My friends and family always told me I was a alcoholic from my early 20s I just wouldn't listen could I be a alcoholic? I had a job I was responsible anyway fast fwd to the age of 33, I have ended up being a single mum with 2 very young children. I was full of fear and I hated being on my own. I moved to a new area thinking it would change how I felt and completely cut myself off from the outside world. Over the next 6 years my 1 glass of wine ended up being 4 bottles of wine every night .I was still in denial I was definitely not a alcoholic you see I didn't drink in the morning or at lunchtime I went to church weekly, my kids never missed school, I was trying to convince myself and people around me I was normal. I remember sitting in my living room every night not talking for hours but the voices in my head were constant I'd have full on conversations. My drinking was not fun it wasn't fun for anyone even my own kids were scared off me and most of the time they called my parents to rescue them from this evil person they called mum.  I tried to stop drinking on a few occasions but it didn't last long maybe a few weeks. My last drink was January 5th 2014 a night I don't really remember I drank my usual 4 bottles of wine and this time in blackout I bought a bottle of gin. My mum came to get the girls and in blackout I hit out at my mum. The next day I woke up and the 1st thing I thought was where is my gin? Not where are my kids? My parents told me to get help or they would phone social services. I phoned aa and later that day went to my 1st mtg I thought I'd get help with my drinking I thought aa would teach me to drink properly. I sat in the room I was scared I sat in the room and listened I sat in the room and identified with every person who shared suddenly it all made sense and for the 1st time in my life I knew who I was I said " my name is shirley and I'm a alcoholic " 
This is where my journey began..........
     I did what was suggested I went to meetings I didn't pick up the 1st drink and for 3 months this is all I did. I then got a sponser and started doing the steps, I found out and learnt so much about me. I work the steps on a daily basis and life has got better for me and not only me but for everyone around me. Today I am 849 days sober 1 day at a time.  I love recovery I am not alone anymore I have friends not only do I have friends I have my family back in my life.  I pass the message of recovery on as I was in a real bad place and never thought I could get out of it but I have. I hope my story has helped even if it is to just 1 person  
Shirley ☺


Between Birmingham and Worcester UK

"15th May 2012: I didn't know it at the time but, early that morning, I took my last alcoholic drink. Life became very uncertain and scary for a while but it is fair to say that I hit my rock bottom during that day. Four weeks in a rehab. hospital followed shortly after which, together with introducing me to regular AA meetings (at least three, sometimes five per week), helped me to start building a new life all over again...

Which brings me to today: 15th May 2016 - life literally is completely different. Four years later and I have a lot of hope in my life; hope for me and my future, and a lot of hope that I would love to be able to pass on to others. I was a complete mess when I finally admitted that I was powerless over alcohol - that my life had become completely unmanageable. In fact, I often share at meetings that I was at Step One, even before I knew about the existence of the 12 Steps of Recovery. There was a time when I couldn't go four hours without a drink, and I can remember it quite clearly. If I can get myself to a stage where I have been sober for four years, one day at a time, there is always hope... for anyone


Please find attached photo of me with said "Hope Chip #129" together with my IV birthday coin which I received at a meeting in Worcester (U.K.) this morning. In terms of location, I live in a small town mid-way between Birmingham and Worcester (see map) - the red shaded area covers the "B60" postal area for the UK, in which I live.

     Here's me with my chip, #008
I am 1year and 5 months sober. 
I painted this a fun little personal piece as a little tribute to my liver donor, new beginning 
and the Dr.s and nurses who worked around the clock to save my life. It will be one year on May 18th that I had a liver transplant. Going through all of this showed me that no matter how low and hopeless you may feel, there is ALWAYS HOPE. 


Plus P in the PNW!


  •      #sober in Massachusetts! My story isn't like most of the ones I've read. In a nutshell, I was a teen mom in an unhealthy relationship. Found the strength to leave in my infant son which lead me to the love of my life. We had a daughter, got married and within months, I was hospitalized for bipolar & anxiety. After a very long search for wellness, the correct meds and adjusting to this diagnosis, I managed to, once again, plant my feet firmly on the ground with the love and support of my husband and 2 small children. As difficult and horrific as this time was for me, my husband turned to alcohol to cope as he also was going through hell. Some years after, he was able to get sober! I was so very proud of him and in complete admiration of his strength. Forward to January 2015. It was a cold, gray day here in New England and my husband left for work at 6 a.m. "Love you", he said. "Love you too", I responded. The door shut and that was the lat time I saw him alive. He had an accident at work that day that took him from us at 38 yrs old. My world had flipped upside down. I felt like my life was over. But I have 2 kids....I have to get out of bed. They need to eat and have clean clothes..... This is how I carried on in the beginning. Moment by moment, minute to minute. One year and exactly 4 months later, I'm here. I'm living and I'm not giving up. I'll carry hope with me wherever I go and I'd like thank this organization for their influence they've had in my journey. To hell and back, to hell and back, there is always hope. Life gives us so many obstacles but it also gives us the most beautiful things. I will continue to live, to share my story, to endure, to love my loss and remain healthy. Fight the good fight! Trust the journey. Peace and love to y'all. Thank you for all of the inspiration!! Xoxo #sober #hopechip #hope



Maryland.  USA
@Uberdead: @Sober614 Try staying in the now. Don't pick up a drink. Gratitude is an action word. Life still happens so grow from the challenges.


Worcester UK
4 1/2 years ago people in the fellowship gave me hope. Today they keep the hope alive, so that I may pass it on. 
Hope saved my life.

Hope Dealer #128, ZIP Code 27407 :)
     The rave scene has, since the beginning (late 1980s – early 1990s), been heavily influenced by two things: music and drugs. Today’s EDM culture is no different, aside from the faces, music styles and its popularity. One universal truth I've learned over the years is that there is a limited shelf life to the party scene. It's all fun and games until someone ends up in rehab, or in prison, or worse. 

     Fact: in the 10-12 years I was a DJ prior to recovery, I never played to a crowd larger than 100 people. Maybe once. And I thought I was a rockstar.

     Sure, I played a lot of gigs. But they rarely paid. They might’ve paid in free/reduced-cost drugs and drinks, but that was it. And that was fine with me. DJ for an hour, then stay up all weekend taking drugs. It was a sure path to the big time, I thought. Even though producing my original music had taken a back seat to partying. Even though my health was in severe decline.

     And then I lost my job. And then I was arrested for my 2nd DUI in less that 7 years. And then I overdosed on a combination of different drugs and spent 4 days in the hospital. All in less than 3 weeks. I ended up spending 3 weeks in rehab, and then moved into an Oxford House where I would live for close to a year.

     Fact: my first year in recovery, my first sober gig was in front of a crowd of nearly 1500 in Richmond, VA, July 2010 at the Hat Factory. 

     I then went on to be resident DJ for a monthly event in Raleigh which averaged 300-500 people a night. A *paid* gig. This time, I had the gifts of humility and gratitude to appreciate what I had been *given*. I also wrote and produced an entire album, while living in the basement of that Oxford House, called “Last Man Standing.” Here’s a picture of my room:

Here’s a link to the album, if you’d like to listen:

     Even if you’re at death’s door, even if you’re broke, scared, alone, and as hopeless as I was at the end, remember that you can do remarkable things! I hope today, if you're struggling - and I know in early recovery those days are often - you'll dare to dream big. And live one day at a time.

All the best,
Jon Gerler (DJ FM)
Treehouse Audio & Design
DJ FM Artist Pages:
@djfmdotcom on all social media

Proud member of the Electronic Music Alliance: 


     #009 in 46151🌟I started taking pain pills in June 2014. I fell in love with the way it made me feel! Within 6 months I wasn't getting the high I wanted and started venturing off into other drugs. Once I turned to heroin that was it! I would get high before work, on lunch and the moment I got off. By February I got into cocaine as well, but I pretty much did whatever I could get my hands on. March 2015 I finally got tired of living that life and decided it was time to go to rehab. I weighed 113 lbs the day I checked in. I was sober for a short time and relapsed on my June 2, my birthday. At that point I was doing multiple morphine 30's every day. I was called out by family and friends, but I refused to go back to rehab. I got very angry at life. After having a mental breakdown in August, I checked into a dual diagnosis center for drugs and depression. I'm now 249 days clean and weigh 127lbs!! Life is so good!! There are days though when I feel like caving in, but I know that there is HOPE! My future is nothing without my sobriety. I'm so excited to be apart of this journey and to be able to pass on hope to others who are or who have been through addiction. I am so blessed!❤Sent via the Samsung Galaxy Note® 4, an AT&T 4G LTE smartphone



Columbus,  Indiana.

     I am a recovering cocaine addict. I've been sober 23 years. Lately my 16 year old son has been getting into A LOT of trouble and causing a lot of stress. In short I've let it get to me and I've been teetering on the verge of a relapse. A friend gave me this chip and the hope that things will get better and this to shall pass.


     My final drink was sometime in the wee hours of February 7th 2014 after 1.5 years of attempting to white-knuckle it to sobriety. I woke up in a Charleston hospital with stitches above my eye and no recollection of how they got there during the final night of a business trip.  For the first time in my life my will power wasn't enough to achieve my goals leading me to pick up once again.  That last drink cost me my wife and being a full time father.  It slammed me down hard, well below what I thought several times before was rock bottom. 

     I know today that my will needed to be broken for me to surrender. The next day I went to a meeting and got a temporary sponsor who instructed me to open that Big Book I had been driving around with in the back of my Jeep for over a year and read to page 164, twice. I started my 90 mtgs in 90 days (more like 120 mtgs) and I spoke at every meeting, exchanged numbers and most importantly I started every morning on my knees praying to God.  I committed myself to my church volunteering to teach Sunday school each week for the first time in my life. I introduced myself to the Bible; the Children's Storybook Bible, which I read to my youngest son before bed. I read everything I could find on recovery, faith and marriage reconciliation. 

     Each day was brutally long with lots of breaks to listen to AA podcasts or praying in bathroom stalls at work.  The nights were cold, lonely and restless. But the days added up to a new monthly chip which always led to my oldest son getting my previous month's chip.  Before long my youngest boy decided he needed a chip too since big brother got one so I'd have to claim my chips at two different meetings each month.  After about three months of the same strict routine each day I looked back and realized that I'd spent the loneliest, most painful time of my life while for the first time in 10 years I'd been alone most nights accountable to no one.  Yet drinking or drugs had not once crossed my mind.  It had never been an option. The difference has been the program and the prayers I started each day with.  I realized that I'd received the first of the promises from this program ...from God.  Just as described on page 85 of the Big Book, "the problem has been removed"

     Around this time I was watching one of many faith or sobriety movies, Ragamuffin.  In it there was a 3 minute clip that dropped me to my knees in tears. The scene recalls the first time Christian singer Rich Mullins  heard a powerful sermon from Father Brennan Manning, one of us, who referred to we downtrodden as Ragamuffins - saved sinners who receive God's mercy and grace. This 3:00 clip changed my relationship with my higher power, Jesus Christ, who Brennan believes will says to us, "I dare you to trust that I love you. Just as you are. Not as you should be.  Because none of us are as we should be."  I recorded this clip on my iPhone and share it with anyone who I feel it can help receiving over 2,240 views since June 2014.  Here's the clip:

     Since that first summer I've continued doing everything I can do to grab onto and hold tightly to God and sobriety including being Saved in a southern Pentecostal church, baptized in the rough Plum Island Autumn surf, been to meetings all over the world, and been working the steps meticulously with my sponsor.  The only social media I've used during my recovery is Twitter (@gregmkelly or NewburyportDad) because it avoids the drama that comes from actually knowing people you communicate with and I've been able to build up a wonderful Recovery community. A highlight was meeting a group of women who host a weekly recovery podcast called @TheBubbleHour which they invited me join on week to share my story which is here

     Today I continue my walk with God, a Ragamuffin, saved sinner and beggar at the door of God's mercy who each day receive God's grace to add another day of sobriety and live as the man I was intended to be.  I'm 26 months sober who came here on my knees to stop drinking and became a better all around man.  I'm proud of the father and man I am today and although my marriage was not restored I trust God's plan and each day I pray to release the grip on my own will so Thy will be done.  Today I remain very active at my church, reading the adult Bible, as well as my local AA community.  I continue to have Hope for my future and for my boys' future.  I found a quote on Twitter that I keep close, "I choose...My children! Breaking generational cycles - Addiction STOPS HERE!"  

Chip #011

     My names is Aexis Chandler 5 months and 2 days ago I made the choice to change my life, it was the best decision I could have ever made for myself. After struggling with multiple addictions over the last 7 years starting with pills , progressing to meth and then heroine which took me to my knees. I finally had hit my rock bottom and lost everything. I had a moment of clarity by the grace of God and something just clicked. Ever since that day my life and myself have been completely different. I finally am able to love myself and see that there is a reason worth living. My family and children are back in my life full time. The biggest gift of all is the love and support from the fellowship. God bless everyone and know each and everyone of us are worth it!!


     Hi, my name is Nicole and I am a grateful recovering addict and alcoholic. When I saw this hope dealer idea I thought it was such an amazing thing to do because for me, something like this was where I got my hope. Having other people who recovered show me the way and that it can be done. I was a bottom of the barrel hopeless, homeless, broken and miserable heroin addict. I had lost custody of my daughter after she was born addicted and lost everything and everyone, including myself. Thankfully there where people who showed me there was hope. Due to the grace of God and working a 12 step program, I now have 17 months clean and sober off of all mind and mood altering substances. Recovery is possible!! #hopedealer

     Zip code 43016: today I am 60 days without any alcohol and it was previously something I believed was impossible. Hope is the thing that got me here. Hope that God would carry me through where I was weak. I could never do it alone. I didn't know if I could escape my addiction at all. But Just to change my belief that there was a chance, hope that some way I could stop - allowed me to gain a whole new healthy happy road to life ! And I'm so grateful for it every day.


Chapter 2 for Chip #055

     Zip code 43119- this chip has been given to me by my sister-n-law. Today I am writing about what hope has done in my life. Hope is the one thing that shapes my every minute of every day. About 7 years ago I started on this new journey of being restored and renewed. Hope is the reasoning of my expectations! My husband shared this on his Facebook, and he put it in words so well.
In prayer Holy Spirit ministered right to my heart...
     He said your expectation will reveal what you really believe, your expectation will determine what you think most about, your expectation will guide your behaviors and motive for what you do, your expectation will
establish your lifestyle, your expectation will develop your strategies, your expectation will prove your faith, what you see manifest will be a direct result of your expectation and finally that God will provide and resource according to the level of your expectation!
What are you expecting as a son and daughter of the King!? I hope it's big 😊

     #021 zip code 46151 I'm officially a "hope dealer!" I have battled with drugs since I was 16 like meth, pills, etc. I got into heroine heavily at 20 years old which was the drug that really took me down. Since then I had been to a total of four rehabs and overdosed four times. I was homeless and hopeless. I had lost everything that ever meant anything to me including two beautiful little girls. Now today, I will be 23 in April and by the grace of God I am 66 days sober! I have a job, my sanity, a clean safe place to lay my head at night, and most of all I get to be a mom to my girls again. I might not be 100% where I dream to be one day but I am WORLDS away from where I was. I no longer have to put my fix before eating, and worry about if I'm gonna have to sleep in my car in the cold. I no longer have to spend sleepless nights worried for my safety, or dope sick up all night puking in withdrawals. I will never forget where I've been and where God has brought me from and I'll always share my story in hopes to reach someone. There is no such thing as a lost cause!
The only thing I can say regarding Hope and My Story is that there is plenty of it.  Pray, go to meetings, don't pick up a drink, keep it moving and one day at a time!!!  This one made it to New Jersey, stay tuned to see what's in store!
Strange is the journey of recovery. A handful of years back made the vow to myself that if I got well, I would use my pain to help reduce the suffering in others. Now, I am an addiction counselor. I wonder who will take this chip from my hand and where it ends up next. — in Upper Arlington, Ohio.

That's a pretty sweet shirt you've got there!  Thanks again for the support!


     Hope Thirty Two reporting from Seoul.  Imagine that, there's Hope here in Korea, in the Land of the Morning Calm.  The land of cheap rice wine and distilled rice liquor.  There is Hope for the restoration of sanity from the cunning and baffling power of alcohol.  I'd never have imagined I'd have to go 12 time zones from home to get out of the bondage of alcohol.  As a former military guy the adage "work hard, play hard" always justified drinking - though it became impossible to quit.  Now, with acceptance - there is Hope.  Hope I can go today without that drink - and it's amazing how life today is so different than it was 500 days ago when I had my last drink.  Now that I'm past the monthly "chip celebrations" and am working towards my two year mark of sobriety - it's been very exciting to carry this Hope chip for the last few days.  And now these three remain: faith, hope and love.  Hope is one of the "Big Three".  To HP be the glory!

     This video is at the Korea War Memorial.  The pic with the statue soldiers represents the struggle Korea had and surely represents the struggle we have, I had and still have.  Though together We Can Make It!!  The other pic is just another place where Hope lives. 
#032 made it to Seoul, Korea
Hello friend,

     So my date changes, because I don't know how to count...Hahahaha!! For so many years it is like, I am sober! That is awesome! I always go back to 6/13/09 cause that is around the time that I felt helpless and defeated by my demons. I liked everything I could get my hands on and was just trying to survive. Being a single mom of my beautiful daughter I knew I had to change, hit rock bottom, I was able to save myself and see some hope! So here is my date and I updated my post on Instagram like 5 times...gotta love the brain sometimes. Thank you for all you do for others! With HOPE, all things are possible. One Love 🙏🏻
Your friend from Cali, Amy


Thanks for buying the Unalome shirt and helping to support the project! 

#043 says good bye to 92071- Off to???


Wow! It was really exciting to receive this hope chip in the mail. Came at a time when I was isolating myself and needed to be pulled out of self pity and this was just the thing I needed. Very grateful to be part of this and happy to have the support of the Twitter recovery crew. Not sure who to pass it along to, but I'm carrying it in my pocket, waiting to give it away. Who knows? 

L8k 3b9

     Getting these to Canada from here seemed like an easy task.  It took more time than getting them to Europe.  Hmmm
     I guess we'll wait for the story and see.  Then we'll just spin the wheel and see where in the world it will turn up.
I'm kind of excited for any missing chips too-they're wild cards that could pop up at any moment.


We're glad that this one received new citizenship!  Of course Hope doesn't care where you're from.  We can't
wait to hear some of the story and then hmmmmm….where to now?



Number 047 from Fort Wayne indiana 46825. I lost control of my life to drugs like spice and meth. I was arrested for manufacturing meth and my home was taken and condemned. I'm now clean and sober for 18 months. Having another baby in a few days, a college student, and volunteer at a veteran's transition house. Only by the grace of god!!


     My name is xxxxx, and I'm an alcoholic. I'm extremely proud to say that I'm going on 28 months sober! Its been an amazing, eye opening journey for me! I hit rock bottom very shortly before deciding to quit. I was homeless, here in Manchester NH...begging for spare change any chance I got, so that I could buy a 24oz beer, and make the withdrawals go away. I had 9 alcohol related seizures from NOT drinking. My body at that point was 100% alcohol dependent. Fortunately, I smartened up! I decided that I wanted to live, as apposed to the alternative! Technically I shouldn't even be alive. My aunt had the same condition, seizures in all. She had 3 and passed away. Like I said before, I had 9! Now, my life has completely done a 180! I have my own apartment, a great job that allows me to travel, meeting new people, and seeing new places. I once again have the love, trust, and support of my friends and family, and truthfully I couldn't be happier! Their is no greater feeling than someone saying I "inspire" others :) I mean, this is just a small piece of my story! This chip is currently in Manchester NH zip code 03104..area code 603 I'll be passing it on soon enough! Lots of people in this city need hope! I wish I could hand a chip to each and every one of them! Congratulations to all the sober people out there! You're doing a wonderful thing! 



#057 Still in Columbus, in great hands!

Thanks for the chips! I'll send them on their journey when the moment is right! You can say that they started their journey in the 614 or 43214. Either is fine with me.

Hope for me is sobriety. After years, of just barely maintaining as a functional alcoholic, I realized that I needed to just quit. I have now been sober for 3+ years. Three things have helped me on my sobriety path. A supportive partner (now wife!), a Twitter "home group", and reading a book by Lotta Dann called "Mrs. D is Going Without". I read the book early in my sobriety and it spoke to me and inspired me. Now, every day is not waiting for wine o'clock. I am healthier and happier! 


She says it's the Hope at the end of the rainbow. Nice.

#080 -93427 - made it's way to California!

I live in Los Olivos, California, about 30 miles north of Santa Barbara. my story is's Step one. After over 6 yrs of sobriety, I decided to try some 'controlled drinking '. Didn't quite work out for me. I'm back in the rooms, my obsession has left me, by the grace of my Higher Power, which I choose to call God. I'm so glad I stumbled across Plus P Productions through social media. The idea behind the Hope Chip is awesome. I'm honored to be a part of it, and to share my experience, strength, and Hope with my fellows. Can't keep it if I don't give it away.


Hope Chip #13 made it's way to 40165 Kentucky, home of the founder of and Saints&Sinners SC(Survivor Club).  

Irony of it's start is it started it's journey less than 5 miles from Jim Beam Distillery, Four Roses Distillery and 10 miles from Marker's Mark Distillery.

Note from Plus P Productions: This man's artwork is awesome, and his site is well worth the visit. We're really glad that a chip made it his way, I'm sure that it was a great place for it to start and we bet he's got great plans for it's next leg.


In my letter I received with my hope chip, I was asked what hope meant to me. It's hard to sit here and imagine how to sum up such an amazing subject-Hope. Without it,I dare to say I may not be here. At a young age, one of my closest relatives was sentenced to 15 yrs in prison due to poor choices made during his addiction. At the time I was young,not fully understanding the situation, but held onto hope of something positive to come out of the situation. The coin is in the picture of the cross, he drew, and sent in one of the hundreds of letters that I saved....he is now out, had serving 10.5 yrs, and is SOBER. It was unfortunate for him to lose so much time, but it saved his life. In the midst of him serving his time, I myself fell into a downward spiral to hell when I found my love for heroin. For 6.5 years I lived in hell on earth...trying to defeat the devil that was masked as an angel when we first met.Today I can say I have been clean from heroin since June 2,2014. The stories & tragedies are endless...a vicious cycle that never ends unless u can find that one strain of hope, hold on for dear life, & give it ur all....I know I wouldn't be where I am today without it...when I think of the word hope, a definition of words becomes impossible for me to spit out because I have so much in my life that would not be if it weren't for hope. ❤
✨if u think you can't,you won't. If you think u can,u will✨


#006 has  a story, this came from the first person it was sent to: 

I'm 38, I have been substance free since 2011, September 5 to be exact. Prior to that I was living in Saskatchewan and was addicted to crack for about 5 years. I met a guy online and we started dating. He had a great career and I was a kitchen manager. He sold small quantities of marijuana when we first met but that changed. We started selling a qp every week a d decided that hey maybe we should sell blow, he was able to get soft at a good price and why not right? Well that all changed. We discovered how to cook it down to Rick and that's when the addiction started. We both quit our jobs and got high. Days on end. As soon as the money ran out along with the supply, as made friends with a local runner/dealer and moved him in. In lieu of rent he would supply us with as much rock as we needed. Even drove them to BC on the odd occasion to "reload", stole from people, sponged off society, lied to family etc. One night as me and the boyfriend were getting high, 4 armed officers approached our house, 2 at the front door and 2 at the back. Apparently our " friend" was wanted and they were looking for him. Scared the shit out of me honestly. And over time I became really good friends with one of the officers that was there that night. On September 5th 2011, I had my last blast. I was up for 10 days and psychosis was setting in. At 6am I went to the police station and asked my friend to call my Mom. I needed out. I was going to die if I stayed and my body has enough. My ever so loving Mother drove 9hrs, and all I left there with was the clothes I was wearing and my two cats. The next three weeks was sheer hell, but different then the five years I already experienced. She provided me with more things then anyone could ask for and three weeks after I came back my nephew was born. He is and always will be my rock of choice now. I missed alot of moments because of my addiction. My sisters wedding, my dad almost died, funerals etc. Addiction is hard and to overcome that you have to be badass!

 I just received this gem in the mail today !!! Today I'm 102 days sober from alcohol and drugs .. 102 days ago I woke up in a grungy hotel room on a floor with nothing left but a hangover and contemplating suicide !!! I lost everything, my family,my kids and most of all my hope!!! I walked to a bridge with intentions of jumping into the icey waters below me!! I prayed hard to god that he gave me a reason not to jump cause I ran out of excuses not to!!! I cried everyday for a month without my kids knowing I couldn't see them !!! The pain of losing kids and remaining sober was very hard but I did it with flying colors !!! In 102 days I've moves out of that grungy hotel and into a sober living house !! I have a great new job I love :) attend church !! Have new great friends !!! And work in my community giving back !!!! I'm proud to say I've found hope. :)



This one made it to Akron, Ohio.  Those of you trudging the happy road know the significance. Our friend says this:
I am SO grateful for HOPE. Y'all come to Akron in June for Founders Day! 
Thanks! We just might take you up on that, we hope you have a really big couch!

Chip #019 Generation 2


Now that's just plain Awesome! Thanks Recovery Revolution!

I'm expecting big things from this chip on the next leg of it's journey!

74041, Oklahoma bound baby!


On its way to MD 21146. I sure Hope you like crab cakes!


This chip made it's way all the way to Scotland where it resides currently with our friend here.


10705 ?

I have been dealing with addiction since i was about 15 years of age. In and out of detox and rehab. I finally woke up one day and realized things had to change, so i packed my things and moved to South Carolina. It was the best decision i had ever made. Everything was so beautiful and after a couple days things just got better. And now I have been clean for 1 year. I feel great have a great job and things are still getting better every day. I thank every day that I woke up that last day and did the right thing not just for me but my children as well...




Here's my quick story below.


Hope is real. I want to share a story with you why I know this to be true:

For eleven, long years I abused drugs and alcohol. It was my little secret I kept from everyone else.

My little secret was my friend, my lover, my confidant, and just kept on giving, time and again.

People who aren't addicts or alcoholics never seem to understand why we used drugs and alcohol—we used them, because they worked! Or . . . so we thought. That's what I thought.

My little secret became an obsession. It was the first thing I thought about when I woke up. It was the last thing I hoped to dream of when I closed my eyes. Most of the time I fell asleep drunk, too. Or high.

My little secret I'd have to put away every once and while, because our family would go on vacations. Or because I had to work. But that got harder as time passed. Soon, the little secret wasn't so secret.

And we didn't go on vacations as much anymore. And my dedication to my job got less and less.

I remember losing hope, losing purpose. I remember feeling like my little secret had betrayed me. I still chased it though, because it'd been so reliable.

Then one day, while chasing my little secret, I was arrested for felony trespass in a blackout. A week before, I had gotten a DUI.

The secret was out—it had been for some time. But the secret screamed after me to return. I wanted to. I thought I needed to.

But then, I discovered something else—I discovered the hope that I could live without my little secret.

I did replace it. I believe many people do replace one thing for another. But the replacement wasn't a secret, it was the hope that I could again have the life I once remember I had when I was a little kid. That there could be hope for a new day, despite anything bad that might happen in life, because—you know—it will eventually. 

Hope is real. I want to share that with you, because it became real the day I felt okay claiming the one thing that makes me special, that gives me a community, and that gives me the opportunity to give back.

My name is Dan. I'm a person of long-term recovery. I'm an alcoholic and an addict.

And I finally have hope.

Pass it on. I am.

Change. It's Real.




Hope chip #072 arrived in the 205 area code today. I can't wait to share a lil of my story and give Hope to others. I'll take care of this chip of Hope until I find just the right person to pass it off on. 😊


Chip 026 arrived in the #559  my bottom: incomprehensible demoralization. Waking up to self-loathing & a blackout, only to be drunk again that night. WTF? Almost had 6 months of sobriety, but never embraced the 3rd step. I now have 44 precious days. The difference this time around? #surrender and #gratitude Thank you @plus_p_productions for the #hopechip







Made its way to the UK! Where oh where will it be next?

Lost in Transit.. Where will it turn up?  L8k 3b9?


94583 this made it's way to California!


097 made it's way to the first destination. I can't wait to hear the story behind it and post it here….and see where it goes next!

Yesterday an app on my phone alerted to me that I had reached 1,500 days sober. I felt proud, but also felt that it seemed longer than that. Not longer because sobriety has been hard or unpleasant, but because I hardly recognize the person I was 1,501 days ago. That seems like an entire lifetime ago.  Thanks and praise go to my Higher Power, because without them I wouldn't have made it. 

Hope also means faith (trust) to me. Hope that I can continue to get better and better and hope (faith) that anyone can get better and change their own lives, too.  Seeing all of these people receiving and passing on chips, that fills me with hope, love and the belief that we are all miracles. 

How have I done it?  I don't take a drink. I work with a great sponsor. I work the steps. I go to meetings. I have a home group. I do service work. I talk to at least one other alcoholic a day. I PRAY and I give many, many thanks for all of my blessings. 

Much love to all of you, keep fighting the good fight!





This one found a new home.  Can't wait to hear the story and see where it goes next!

SO41 8FZ?

414 55?

08610 - New Jersey!

34472 - Florida!


10705 ?



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